Work-life balance

If there’s one thing we both know about the start and scale up environments, it’s that everyone involved works at 100 miles an hour… 100% of the time.

We all know that working towards our goals is on our mind all the time, that we don’t mind putting the hours in, and that we actually enjoy the late nights if we’re able to see ourselves one step closer to the end goal.

But there’s one problem with this, we all need a break, because:

  • None of us are super-human.
  • None of us operate at our optimum with no sleep.
  • None of us can operate on gallons of coffee.
  • Sometimes we just need to stop.

To help absence levels, productivity and levels of wellness, we’ll work with your teams to understand exactly what helps them to relax.

We can incorporate, physical health, mental health, training, tangible benefits and simple solutions to support the integration of a healthy work-life balance into your workplace.

Do you need some you time? We’ll help you breathe

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