There’s a lot of things to get right here, right?

You’ve got to a stage where you’re no longer hiring family, friends, friends of friends and you’re looking externally to recruit into your business; it’s a minefield, lets be honest.

There are so many things to think about:

  • Will they be able to do the job?
  • Will they fit in?
  • Will they get our culture?
  • Have I got the right documents?
  • Am I allowed to ask this question?

If recruitment isn’t second nature to you, then you aren’t alone. Recruiting is a skill that’s been honed by so few.

Luckily, we get it! So we can help you by providing training and guidance to your teams on how to make the most of a recruitment process.

This will help ensure you bring the right people into your business to support your goals, values and journey.

We could do all the interviews for you, but we can also help make sure you’re recruiting the right roles, at the right salaries, with the right interview technique to secure the right talent (there’s a lot of things to get right here, right?!)

We work closely with managers and businesses to refine their approach and processes, making the minefield slightly less … mine-y(?!)

We aren’t a recruitment agency, so there won’t be a fee paid to us for going to look for your staff, what we can do to support the physical hiring is introduce you to some of the best likeminded recruiters in the industry so you have peace of mind that they get you, the same way we do.

Our role in this is to increase your internal capability to make sure you understand exactly what it is you want and need, and then how to get it.

We can also develop your ‘go to market strategy’ which is the language us HR folk use to say ‘how are we going to get the people we want to want to work for us’ … we’re pretty good at this too.

Want people queuing round the block to work for you? We can do that

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