Customised HR Consultancy Services in Beckenham

HR Consultancy Services for Beckenham Businesses

HR Consultancy Services for Beckenham Businesses

Building a successful business requires the right people in the right roles. People In Sync not only streamlines and fine tunes your recruitment and on-boarding process, we ensure all employees hired into your business are aligned with your company values and behaviours, ensuring development and retention not only for your business but your employees too.

Why Work with Us

When you start your business, HR may not be the most pressing concern, the likelihood is your focus is on the the survival and viability of your business. However, as you grow, HR and people management starts to become more important. The need for ensuring you’re managing your people effectively, as well as ensuring compliance for your business will start to become more pressing the more people you hire.  

An HR consultancy gives you access to valuable expertise. When using People In Sync you get access to a team of skilled consultants working throughout Beckenham. All of which have supported the implementation of successful HR practices in organisations at different stages of growth, from start up to scale up as well as more established organisations. Our consultants study your organisation to develop solutions, with you, that address specific issues, from talent acquisition to restructures, learning and development to engagement.

What We Offer

We understand that every business faces different people and HR challenges. That’s why we have developed a wide range of solutions that address these for every business we work with. We don’t take a one size fits all approach to HR, each approach is customised to the challenges you face at each stage of your business progression.

Recruitment and Training

Ensuring employees who are hired into your organisation are aligned with your company mission and values is paramount to ensuring success, not only financially but levels of employee engagement too. We have tried and tested training which supports business owners and line managers in increasing their understanding in this area, optimising your recruitment and onboarding processes.

Administration and Compliance

Maintaining and ensuring compliance is one of the most important elements of HR, simply put – non-compliance costs businesses not only financially but through brand damage too. We are employment legislation experts and ensure all our clients have the most up to date understanding, policies and practices keeping them compliant.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement takes different shapes in different businesses however there is one constant, engaged employees have higher levels of performance which in turn supports your businesses goals. We assess employee engagement and satisfaction levels and identify any development areas your business has. We’ll devise, with you, a comprehensive engagement programme to raise awareness and more importantly levels of engagement.

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