How a Virtual Assistant can give you space for creativity & growth

What to look for when outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant 

I launched my Virtual Assistant business, Vantage VA, in 2018, after more than 15 years working as an Executive Assistant at Board level for Global corporates in London and the Middle East.

Vantage VA is a Virtual Assistant agency consisting of experienced Virtual Assistants, helping ambitious Entrepreneurs focus on their passion and business growth by handling their protracted admin tasks.

Often our clients are keen to grow their business but are overwhelmed with tasks that they do not have the time, inclination, knowledge, or desire to do. We take these tasks off their hands and make the magic happen!

I set up Vantage VA as I have a strong passion for bringing corporate-level support to the local business.

We are focused on adding value to our client’s business by providing flexible support allowing for space for creativity and growth, at a number of hours to suit every client’s needs. Making business support accessible without the commitment and overheads of hiring a full-time Personal Assistant.

A common dilemma from business owners who are overwhelmed is that they would not know where to start when selecting the right Virtual Assistant for their business. 

Here are some suggestions…

1. Think about your strengths 

Often when we start in business, we are wearing all the hats, from PA to CFO and this is not conducive to long-term growth. I recommend that you think about what your hourly rate is and where your time is best spent in the business.

Think about the tasks that you procrastinate or struggle with most. Write a list of those tasks and determine which can be outsourced and the areas of business that would benefit most from your expertise, or the tasks that you just love to do! This helps reignite your passion for your business and it also means that key tasks are carried out by someone with the necessary expertise and experience.

2. Look for a Virtual Assistant that meets your specific needs

Now that you have a clear list of the tasks that you wish to outsource each month, you can begin your search for a Virtual Assistant offering these specific services.  

It is worth considering if their professional background is important to you, for example, many clients wish to work with a Virtual Assistant who has a corporate background, having worked as Executive Assistant previously. They can in turn work in a highly professional manner and represent their brand effectively when liaising with their clients – creating the right impression.

The best way to do this is to ask for a recommendation of a Virtual Assistant within your network, search on Google or look on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or in Facebook business groups.

3. Do your research and explore their online presence

Once you have shortlisted the name of a person that you are interested in working with, carry out your due diligence and research them online. Look to see if they have a website and their activity on other social media platforms, including their LinkedIn profile. 

You can see what type of content they are putting out; this will provide you with a good indication if they are the right fit for you and your business.

I would take this opportunity to think of your brand values and vision and consider this in your search for a Virtual Assistant to ensure that they are aligned with you.

4. Look for social proof

Once you have carried out your research, I would ensure that you also take the time to look for any testimonials from previous clients on LinkedIn, Facebook business page, or secure platforms such as Google My Business or Trust Pilot, as these verify accounts and are reliable sources.

5. Call before committing

Before committing to working with the Virtual Assistant or VA agency in mind, I would recommend that you schedule a discovery call first. This is important in confidently determining whether they able to meet your needs and carry out the support that you require. 

I would suggest this is carried out via video conferencing to ensure that you can look at the person eye-to-eye as you would in an in-person meeting or interview.

This enables you to have an opportunity to speak to them one-to-one and ask them any questions you may have and get a feel for if them and whether they will be a good fit for you and your business.

If you have followed the process of the steps above and are happy with the Virtual Assistant, then you should go with your gut feeling and hire them. I always say that energy does not lie, and I am a believer that you can pick up someone’s vibe from that first meeting to confirm if they are a good fit for you. If you do not feel that they are a good fit then I would be open and honest and keep looking for the right person.

You may wish to work with a Virtual Assistant agency who has carried out the due diligence in sourcing VAs and can take care of the work to find the right fit for you.

I hope this blog has been helpful and if you are considering working with a Virtual Assistant, we would love to hear from you

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