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Hello and thank you for stopping by to read my blog. I wanted to take some time to provide employers of all sizes with a little insight and hopefully some helpful tips in protecting and enhancing your brand throughout the hiring process. If there are any areas, I have not covered feel free to get in touch and I’ll happily hash out any questions you may have. Here’s a little about me first…

I have been an award-winning recruitment professional for 10 years and founded The Talent Boutique in 2018. The recruitment industry as a whole is filled with recruitment professionals who can see endless opportunities to make a positive impact in both their industry and on behalf of their clients. However, in many cases these passionate and knowledgeable consultants are not in a position to execute the change they would like to see. Let’s face it, not every consultant that craves autonomy, wants to be a business owner and with that The Talent Boutique was born.

Now getting back to adding value 😊

If you are an employer who uses recruitment agencies ask yourself:

Does my recruitment partner protect and add value to my brand?

If your answer is 100% yes – hold on to your recruiter(s) for dear life! Your recruiter will have your back every step of the way. A great recruiter is worth their weight in gold.

If your answer is No, or you’re just not sure – then this blog is definitely for you regardless of your size. 

Today we will explore how and why the right partner will protect and enhance your reputation.

The smallest things make a massive difference when trying to protect and enhance your brand. Here are the fundamentals we commonly see, and work with our clients to resolve:

  1. Infrequent communication with your recruitment partners
  2. Inconsistent communication on process
  3. Delayed feedback on CVs
  4. Delayed/No feedback from interviews
  5. No interview schedule/slow process
  6. Ensure all parties in the hiring process are committed to a timely turn around

As employers we can’t get things right every time, we’re all human. However, your recruiter should be taking a lot of the heavy lifting for you. That’s what you pay the fee for, so let’s ensure you make the most of it.

As recruiters we know:

  • Retaining our clients is a combination of relationship management & efficiency
  • Treating our candidates well is business development in itself
  • By remaining in continuous contact with our candidates throughout the hiring process results in a valued experience regardless of interview outcome

Now I won’t get it twisted, I work on behalf of my clients (employers) but, my candidates are an extremely high priority of mine, and they are treated as such. My clients are safe in the knowledge that by the time my candidate is in front of them, they have had an engaging and consistent experience so far. 

No matter which client I am working with my motives and my beliefs remain the same:

  • When I am your recruitment partner, I am an extension of you and your business. 
  • When we work with you, you can rest assured that our approach to our candidates provides you with the ultimate experience and impression of your business. 
  • We support you on your journey to protect and enhance your brand.

By this point in my blog you may have identified a few areas of improvement in your process employer side, and be thinking how do I start to turn this around? Here are a few simple steps to working towards a smoother hiring experience that will enhance and protect your brand.

As employers it’s time to ask ourselves; are we doing the below?

  1. A thorough role briefing inclusive of; company values, what it is like to work for the company, prospects of the role, targets for the role/team/business, purpose of the hire, what are your non-negotiables, what are you flexible on, company benefits, why work for you?
  2. Agree an iron clad schedule with your recruiter, if you, your recruiter and your applicants know when they will be receiving feedback, what dates to keep free for interview and turn around time they will have an excellent first impression.
  3. Timely communication of changes, if something has changed inform your recruiter immediately so they can best manage their time accordingly and provide the best service possible to your applicants
  4. Trust; If point 1 has been thoroughly covered your recruiter should have an excellent understanding of what you are looking for and who will be a good fit. CV’s aren’t always outstanding, but the candidate might be. If your recruiter believes someone is a must see, take the chance.
  5. Feedback; tying in nicely with trust there are a few reasons feedback is crucial. From a recruiter’s perspective the more feedback we gain, the deeper understanding we have of what an unsuitable candidate might look like to you (will save you time in the long run). Ultimately you should trust your recruiter to receive feedback well, be it on them or the candidate. Your recruiter will efficiently deliver it to the candidates they are engaging or disengaging as the case may be. 55.9% of candidates reported to have received no feedback whatsoever. A mere 5.5% of candidates have received feedback they have deemed useful/constructive. Stand out by not failing your applicants in this area.
  6. Be time conscious; with candidates usually only actively interviewing for up to 14 days understand your recruiter is not rushing you, time is of the essence. If you are not happy with CVs received, feedback promptly to allow your recruiter to amend their search. If you have interviewed candidate’s, feedback to your recruiter at the end of the day (worst case scenario the following day).
  7. Don’t flood the market; multiple agencies advertising your role detracts from your brand, it gives the appearance the role is hard to fill and this could be because of the employer. If your business is of a size where one agency can handle your business find that top recruitment partner and allow them to get to know your business. They will value your exclusivity and you only need to manage one relationship as opposed to many.
  8. Fee’s; as employers we all have budgets and reducing costs is always at the forefront of our minds. It is certainly a factor in choosing your recruitment partner. Not every company can afford 25-30% fees. However, do pick the recruiter you believe is going to deliver the most to the process, even if not the cheapest. This DOES save you money in the long run.

One final area I ask my clients to reflect on is their company values.

Your company values should be reflecting your product or service offering as well as internal company culture. In a nutshell this is why what may be considered small things in your recruitment process can be so impactful to your potential new employee. 

Candidates are very specific about what type of employer they want to work for. With many companies having values based around respect, trust, honesty and clear communication, if the hiring process does not echo this you could be unknowingly losing faith from your potential new hires and not even know it.

If this blog has made you reflect on your recruitment process at all, I have a free brochure available; Recruitment Partner Relationships Explored. It covers in depth anything you would need to evaluate your suppliers, do’s and don’ts and generally how to get the most from your relationships.

I hope it is apparent from the origin of my business how passionate I am about what I do, I believe I am here to make a difference. Supporting businesses from start-ups all the way through to larger SME’s is my speciality. I love to go on the growth journey with my clients, and my candidates always feel they are dealing with someone passionate and invested.

Recruit differently – Inspire Change.

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