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About our Founder

People In Sync was founded by Leanne following 12 years of working for organisations introducing change initiatives and developing effective HR functions.

Leanne, is CIPD & Project Management qualified, teaches the CIPD qualification and has worked across almost all sectors in companies of varying sizes.

She learnt early in her career that the core principles are the same in every organisation, but not all organisations ‘get it’. When it comes to People, everyone is different and because of this a flexible HR approach was needed to get the very best out of team members.

Leanne believes the most fundamental part of People In Sync is to educate and enable businesses to make the changes they want and need to be successful, whilst providing a flexible and open approach to HR – a refreshing approach if you like!

People In Sync’s values are driven from Leanne’s core principles when dealing with people both inside and outside the working environment. When you meet her you’ll see for yourself!

Send Leanne a message: leanne@peopleinsync.net

Our values

We’ll always bring to the table.


We never go off on a tangent and do our own thing – our sole purpose it to enable your success, so we’ll always collaborate with you to ensure this is exactly what we’re doing. We’ll always listen to your goals and make sure that how we work helps you reach them.


We always understand our clients, their wants and needs. We make sure that we become an integral part of the team – we’re an extension of you and your business. We want you and your people to know this and trust us and our knowledge in doing what’s right for you or your business.


We enjoy the work we do, We have a passion for people and HR. Our passion is obvious from the first time you meet us. You can rest assured that the energy we have from the first day you meet us won’t fade.


We believe that HR should work for your business not against it, so we flex our approach to suit your wants and needs. Our flexible approach means we’re able to provide you with smooth, streamlined processes that won’t hold you or your people back.


We welcome people from far and wide into our People In Sync family, but it goes deeper than just our clients. We extend this to our working practices both internally and externally. We’re proud to say we love and celebrate people’s differences!

How we work

We believe that you should be able to use your skills on what you do best. We want to take away the HR challenges you face and use our expertise to support your business goals. We want each and every one of you and your team members to feel supported, and happy.

We work closely with all of our clients to understand their individual requirements; we don’t take a “one size fits all” approach either, instead we work with you to ensure we deliver our services exactly as you want us to. We integrate with ease and speed into your organisation to understand:

the who, the what, the why, the when; and we’ll give you the how.

The work we do with you will be provided in the tone, approach and flexibility that matches your business. When we speak with your people, they get an extension of you – not a corporate, stuffy or rigid response that’s worlds away from what they’re used to.

We’re outsourced but we are most definitely cemented as part of your team too.

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